Minor Injury Walk in Clinic


We can provide expert assessment and treatment for patients with acute and simple injuries such as sprains, bruises, and simple fractures.

The Minor Injury Clinic is a set up to manage most simple bone, joint and soft tissue injuries which do not require emergency room visits. This Minor Injury Clinic is a place where you, family members and friends will receive fast musculoskeletal assessment and required care.


  • Same day appointments, NO physician referral required.
  • Urgent X ray assessment
  • Fast track consultations and referrals to the specialists for bones, joints & muscles if needed
  • Our family practice and walk in clinic can assess and manage other health issues as required.


  • Clean, dress or stitch minor wounds and burns
  • Manage simple fractures by applying cast, splints and braces
  • Remove cast as needed
  • Provide tetanus shots