Diabetes prevention and risk assessment

Our clinic is proud to screen and detect cases that have high risk to develop diabetes.

We will carry a full assessment for you and if you are at high risk, we help you to eliminate it.

If you are in the zone of Pre-diabetes, you have a one in four chance to develop diabetes in five years-time.  We can help you to stop this progression

Our very caring team of doctors and health care providers will give you the right advice and take your hand to change your future health status to the best.

Our approach to your health is multidisciplinary. We address your diet, your style of life, your weight and help you to achieve your goals.


Diabetes management

  • Our clinic provides several services that include:
  • Life style management
  • Diabetes control and follow up
  • Early detection of complications
  • Regular laboratory follow up
  • Vaccination
  • Behaviour health counselling
  • When needed we facilitate referral to:
    • Clinical dietician
    • Clinical pharmacists
    • Diabetic education nurse
    • Chronic disease management nurse


Diabetic foot assessment

We provide a full annual assessment of your feet to detect any diabetic neuropathy or vascular problems

We give a comprehensive advice on how you can take care of your feet, nails and skin to prevent complications

In the presence of any abnormality our clinic will refer you to a specialised chronic wound care clinic that has the following facilities:

  • Dermatologist
  • Vascular surgeon
  • Infectious disease control specialist
  • Orthopaedic surgeon


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